Bouncy Castles

by Bethany

Ever since I was little I have hated bouncy castles. I have no idea why I just seemed to have a natural fear of them. I would not go near one or dare to even step foot on one and I used to shy away from occasions where there would be one (eg. Summer fete, parties etc). I felt as if I was not living a proper childhood.

When I started secondary school in year 7, we went on a special team building activities trip for 2 nights and one of the activities was an inflatable obstacle course with slides and all sorts. I didn't know what to do because it had been totally sprung upon me because at first I had no idea what the activity was. I didn't want to embarrass myself by talking to the instructor (because he was quite hot) and I didn't want to start the off being called wussy, chicken, you get the picture.

You had to do it in pairs so I went with my friend and she wanted to go first but I wasn't quite ready. I just did a lot of deep breathing and when it came to our turn I just imagined that I wasn't actually doing this and I was doing something else and it thankfully was soon over.

I did it several other times after that and loved every second.

You see I think coming face to face with it and being in a situation where I couldn't say no really helped because all this time I had never realised that if I just gave it a try, everything would have been better. And even if I didn't like it, at least I could say I had tried.

Hope this helped,

Bethany xx :-D

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