Bone breaking Phobia

by Iulia Kirsten

2 years ago, I had an awful year. My favourite grandma died and a lot of other relatives and I had a bad time at school. So I tried Japanese Marital Arts, and it seemed I was pretty good at it. Until one day...I broke my clavicula. (Shoulder bone) I can't explain the pain I was trough and I also needed a double operation. After I healed, I realised I would never be able again to go back at my favourite sport and I started doing nothing. 4 months later, I was playing volley ball with a friend of mine in the garden. I was wearing flip flops and fell. It wasn't a bad fall, no one knows what happened but I can still remember seeing half of my arm hanging down. Then it was followed by another pain, when my dad put that half back. Again, double operation and again I'm fine excepting the fact that I can't really move that hand the way I did before.
My 14 birthday is coming in a few weeks and I tought about what I should get. I had to choose between a nickel (skate) and a ps3. I tought, I haven't practiced Any sport in these 2 years and if I would get a ps3 I would only stay in house, doing nothing. With a skate..that would be a differen story.
Now, I even convinced my parents and chose one (only have to buy it :D) but now the horror begins to crumble in my soul. Even tough I don't want to do tricks only to cruise, I can't still get over the fact that even if I would wear (which I definitely will) protection I would probably break something again. I don't know what to do.
I suppose the only way to get over my bone breaking phobia is to beat it down. I just don't want to go trough the pain again.

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