Blood Test Phobias

Blood test phobias, injection or injury phobias begin in the early childhood primarily during a state of immaturity.

On the other hand, situational or natural environmental phobias begin later when a person is fully exposed to the external environment with several unfavorable circumstances.

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The point needs no emphasis that blood test phobias each year makes maximum number of people dissatisfied and disappointed.

Moreover, the ridiculous part of the whole story is that blood phobia therapies require months to completely or partially eradicate the phobia even after the individual is being continuously exposed to fearful situations as a part of the medication. Such a lengthy procedure is irrational but may even lead to detrimental consequences in future.

In reality, this type of phobias can be cured within twenty-four hours of time, utilizing the right procedure.

Blood test phobias are generally known by different names such as hemophobia, hematophobia, hemaphobia and most commonly the fear of blood. Such a phobia causes general disassociation, setting an individual afar from his friends and associates.

Some of the usual symptoms of this specific phobia include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • A complete feeling of fright and trepidation

It has been noticed that like all other phobias blood test phobias are eventually produced by the unconscious mind as a part of an entire defensive system. An early blood related or emotional trauma in the life of an individual gives rise to this peculiar form of phobia.

In most cases hypnosis is not essentially being utilized to treat blood related phobias. The contemporary methods of phobia treatment are even more comforting and pleasurable.

The unconscious mind of the particular individual has to be taught that there is nothing to be afraid of blood. Once the unconscious mind becomes convinced it successfully stops reacting at the mere sight of blood. Thus, within a very short span of time the victim becomes successful in overcoming this condition of blood related fear.

Treatment methods that are successful in treating this type of phobia are NLP, Energy Therapy and hypnosis

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