Blattodephobia "The C word" (not the c word you might think it is)

by Jiji

Fear of a specific insect, I call it "The c word" (c-roahces). My phobia is so severe that i can NEVER EVER say the word. Even if I was forced to, so i look like a moron when i try to explain it and i have to say "The C word". I get crazy chills when i hear the word too.
I've always had a major fear, but it became this abnormal about 3 years ago (age 14) when i had a dream about it being stuck in a room full of them.
I'm still not over the dream, because I still see it and i wake up crying and sweating.
Yeah, it's that crazy.
People tell me I need to get over my fear or "face my fear", but how the hell can i do that if i can't even come to say the word?

Oh, and dirty bathrooms. I would never even go near a dirty bathroom. I rather piss my pants than go into one. I guess they're somewhat related.

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