How Dangerous Is
Bipolar Anxiety?

Bipolar anxiety is that specific form of anxiety, which is generally caused due to serious bipolar disorder.

Dr Emil Kraepelin first formally put this particular concept forward in the year 1921.

According to him, the term anxious mania or excited depression has its origin in an abnormal condition generally referred to as bipolar disorder.

Bipolar anxiety may be caused because of bipolar disorder, or, bipolar disorder and anxiety symptoms may occur separately with their specific effects on the health of an individual.

Such a combined condition is generally regarded as “co-morbid” condition in medical terms. Usually physicians recommend antidepressant medicines to normalize anxious conditions, which at times can make bipolar cases more acute and worse.

Patients usually describe bipolar anxiety as an agitated condition during which you may lose your normal capacity of rational thinking and reasonable judgment.

At such a point of time you are usually unable to control your racing thoughts and it becomes almost difficult for you to explain your situation to anyone.

At times, such anxiety is often accompanied by other manic symptoms like irritability or tetchiness. When you become a casual victim of such a condition, you generally make a desperate move to save yourself from such a psychological downpour.

You may readily choose alcohol as a means to suppress your anxiety. Now alcohol is a kind of temporary relief, which may make you feel relaxed for an hour or too, but this is in no way a solution to the problem.

Such a state of intoxication in your life can only make your condition of anxiety more serious and detrimental.

Zyprexa is a very good medication for bipolar anxiety conditions. Anxiety as a part of bipolar disorder is definitely a great risk factor and may make you feel so depressed that you may go to the extent of committing suicide.

It is very natural that when you are depressed you feel utterly hopeless and demoralized. You find no reason to remain alive in this world. However, such an unbearable condition is surely treatable by specialist.

You just have to be cautious and help yourself in order to escape such a psychologically inflicting condition.

It is almost dangerous to recommend an antidepressant medication in treating bipolar anxiety because such forms of medications can make conditions even worse than before.

Thus, it is always advisable that symptoms of anxiety and bipolar disorder should be treated separately to regain your former normal psychological and physiological status.

You just have to follow your doctor’s advice and positively motivate yourself to get rid of bipolar anxiety.

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