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u liv my life!!!!
by: Anonymous

omg i have both of dose problems!!!
someone give me the cure because i have the hep b and mningacoccal on march 18th! help please i already chickened out on one i dont want to chicken out on this one.

male teachers freak me out, so i run to get out the classroom asap WITH everyone else!

fear of needles
by: Anonymous

when i hear i have to get a needle i get a little mad and very nervous. When the nurse is trying to inject the needle into me i move my arm pull bach push her away and alomost cry. I think neeedles are aufly ugly and i cant stand the pain. I always wonder how nurses can do that job.....filling neeedles touching them and injecting them into people. i get a lil nervous thinking bout them too.

i know
by: Anonymous

i know how you feel. my friends also tease me of being afraid of male teachers. we never really had a male teacher before so when the new one came in. i was scared to death. i don’t know why but i think he will do something if i am in by my self.

my best friend also think the same thing. only she can cover it up i can't. I am also afraid of needles i am there with you!

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