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by: Dritynick

I have the same thing with as the rest of you, with me if I can I will run to get away no matter what I have even got injured in the process of fleeing I go straight into flight of fight mood and it takes me same time to be able to calm down I hate when people try to tickle you as a sign of "friend ship" and it's just wrong when they know not to and still do.

i know how u feel
by: Anonymous

Oh i thought i was the only one feeling this. its exactly the same. but every time i try to put a name on it, that fear of feathers comes up instead. yesterday, my brother started tickling me and I started bawling. the rest of the day i avoided him as much as possible. he still thinks i laugh about it.

mortified ..
by: Anonymous

I understand you so well . I'm so scared of getting tickled that I even avoid telling people about my phobia so scared that they'll take advantage of it : S . I start panicking if someone even pretends he/she wants to tickle me & even start tearing if it's persistant pretend in order to scare me. Even the sight of others getting ticKled makes me really uncomfortable! I feel like as if I was the one getting tickled & its as though i can feel the pain just by the sight . I just recently like few days ago had a fight with my boyfriend coz he tickled me & wouldn't stop even after i told him . He started foolin around with it even thought he says knew about my fear already.. didn't take it as seriously i guess .

A reply to Being tickled Phobia
by: Anonymous

i go through the same thing too.
and the worst part is that people take the advantage of my problem and blackmail me with it!
i scream, kick, go wild and i almost cry!
i look completely like a lunatic but i cant help it!
how do u think someone like u or me could get rid of this phobia?

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