Behavior Modification Phobias Treatment

In your endeavor for behavior modification phobias should be successfully eliminated by bringing about a major transformation in your thought and behavior.

Phobia is essentially a kind of intense fright or a state of apprehension for a specific condition or object. Ignorance is however, a major cause for unnecessary fear commonly termed as phobia. You feel the necessity from within to rid your self from this unreasonable condition of fear but you are unfortunately unable to do so. A considerable delay in exterminating phobias can make your existence worse and miserable.

In trying to talk about behavior modification phobias quite surprisingly, we come to know that the exact reasons of fears and phobias have not yet been discovered.

For instance, why does a person feel afraid when he sees a dog on the street? The simplest answer to this question would be that the person might have been bitten by a dog in his earlier life thus making the person feel abnormally afraid of dogs.

In behavior modification phobias, the entire process of shaping and transformation of personal attitude mainly depends on two things, classical and operant conditioning.

Classical conditioning is all about pairing naturally occurring stimulus-response chains with a collection of other stimuli in order to create reciprocal responses.

At the beginning, operant conditioning was mainly a kind of experimentation successfully used in the process of learning. In later years, it became the Law of Effect and most importantly our awareness of reinforcement, penalty and annihilation.

The concept of behavior modification phobias treatment mainly believes in eliminating negative associations and attaching positive psychological disassociations in order to encourage an individual think and behave normally. The particular steps helping you to move closer to your desired new behavior are generally referred to as successive approximations.

How behavior modification phobias are practiced
A person suffering from arachnophobia (fear from spider) will always have the tendency to run away at the sight of a mere spider. However, to make the person feel that his fear is irrational and baseless a certain technique is followed.

At first, the least frightening insects are being introduced followed by the more frightful ones. Thus, this stepwise introduction helps the person gain confidence and eventually feel normal even after having a glimpse of a spider (the most fearful one).

After a proper analysis and assessment, experts state that this aspect of behavior modification phobias work amazingly especially for those who are acutely prone to phobias and irrational anxieties in life. The freedom from unreasonable fears and tensions in life will empower you to stay tuned to your normal self and courageously face several challenges in life.

Another treatment methods that are successful in treating phobia are NLP , Hypnosis and Energy Therapy

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