Bathroomaphobia, fear of unknown bathrooms

by Dominique
(OC, PA, US)

So, ever since I could remember I've had this Bathroomaphobia, fear of unknown bathrooms, and would ask people if I could use to even if I'd already asked many times before.

But it's not always unknown bathrooms. If the light in the bathroom is off I turn it on, even if it's broad daylight. If there's even the slightest noise of the door opening or something creeking, I almost go into this stage of panick.

I think I know atleast two reasons of why I both have a fear of bathrooms and the fear of inclosed spaces.

You see, my mom told me this story that she hear me say when I was very young. Basicly the story begins when I was at my grandmothers house and I was taking a bath. Mom said I screamed and ran out of the bathroom pale as a sheet and shaking really bad. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that I saw an old lady in the bathtube with me. After trying to get me back into the bathroom many upon many times. They finally just bathed me in the sink.

The other reason as to why I have this fear, and one I can still remember,is that When I was younger I was locked in the bathroom with the lights out by my uncle, who wasn't very old, probly near the age of 13, then him and his friends would pound on the doors and walls of the room next to the bathroom. When I would beg and cry to be let out they would, laughing at me as I just slowly came out and of course told my mother what they did.

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