bathroom phobia

big shower head in hotels

big shower head in hotels

big shower head in hotels automatic shower head *shudder* automatic toilet

okay i have always been scared of shower heads,i always think its going to fall of and hit me or it will go out of control.
I am even scared of my own shower especially hotel showers because they usually have big shower heads connected to the small pipe.So everytime i take a shower i rush and always keep my eyes open and always in the direction of the shower head.
Another thing i am afraid of toilets,i usually get scared of toilets flushing especially the automatic ones because sometimes it will just randomly flush so i have to open the stall door before flushing.Another thing, i never use airplane toilets becuase its constantly shaking and when you flush a whole bunch of air just blasts in ypur face.Last thing,The ceiling fan in my washroom( i think its electric cause i have to turn. on a switch or it to work) it is loud and im scared that it will stop working,fall down or spark.
If you have any of these fears please reply because my family dosent really know about these besides the shower thing and they thing im weird....

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