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Bathroom Phobia
by: Pedro

Hey, I have that phobia too. I am 23 years old and still have bathroom phobia. Not only public, but many of those, specially old bathrooms with old stuff or dirty stuff In there. When I was a kid, I've passed many nightmares when I went to public bathrooms with my parents or grandparents. My worst fears In a bathroom are the ventillation fan's sound, round mirrors, round windows, dark toilet covers, some round or squared big lights on the ceiling and the sound of suddently toilet flush. I need to flush the toilet with the door open and get out of there as soon as possible! I also hate when a bathroom as just one light on the ceiling or the wall. I feel more comfortable when It has two lights, for example one on the ceiling and another one on the mirror, with different switches.

toilet fear
by: Anonymous

I am 15 and also scared with automatic. toilets .
The worst part is my school has automatic toilets so I have to sometimes hope I don't have to go until I get home I also have a fear of spiders and a spider is in my bathroom right now.

by: Anonymous

Omg i'm also scared of high toilets and i'm 14 too!

fear of toilets&showers
by: Anonymous

I have to open the door when I flush too! I'm also scared of black toilet seats and high level toilets"/

I also have a fear of showers, I can't look at them, they are just too scary. I'm 14 and I just feel a little childish with these fears ugh.

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