How To Release Baseball Throwing Phobia And Be
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Baseball throwing phobia, a fear to get hit, affects the newcomers of contemporary baseballs lineup. Because of baseball throwing fear, coaches find it difficult to deal with these youngsters. Showing them correct skills for fielding, catching and hitting is undoubtedly a tough job.

Jan Heering

Baseball Throwing Phobia Release

Why are the novices so afraid?
They are afraid of being injured or severely attacked by the opponents. A young inexperienced pitcher, who lacks control, unknowingly throws very hard leading to unfortunate accidental consequences.

The relentless fear of being hit affects the skill to develop a good swing and approach at the plate. If you are afraid you are sure to lack confidence and this spoils the thrill and enjoyment of the game.

The younger and the more inexperienced they are, the more they tend to get frozen when they see an approaching giant. In case of baseball throwing phobia the players try to avoid the ball by backing away.

Such an act of self-defense at times put the players in such a position that they may receive a blow at the side or front of the body or possibly the face.

If you get a bump more than twice, you can hardly forget the experience and therefore when you are there ready to face the next ball you feel like running away from the situation.

Do you want your kids get rid of baseball throwing phobia?
Teach them how to stay out of the way to prevent serious knockouts. Once they learn to save themselves, they would no longer be afraid to put themselves in attacking positions.

Confidence is the keyword, which should not only be mentioned in case of baseball because it is applicable for all sport types. Confidence makes a player and once you lack confidence, you are no longer mentally fit to fight the pressure of the game.

Moreover, a thorough knowledge of the game will make you more self-assured and vigilant. Therefore, you should have a better understanding of the game plan in order to rid yourself from the fear of baseball throwing.

However, if you are unfortunate, if you love the game but cannot really master the art because you are suffering from baseball throwing phobia, you definitely need help.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the form of treatment most suitable for baseball throwing phobia.

NLP Self-Help will teach you how to deal with the fear within you. NLP will make you learn from your fear rather than exhibiting stupidity. NLP changes the way you react to specific situations.

It helps you to be more rational and face reality as it is. Once you go through the suggestive procedure of NLP you will have a different attitude towards the game.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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