Badminton has become my Worst Nightmare

by Emily

Badminton used to be my top sport, I was the best at it and I would travel to countries competing in Badminton competitions.

In school no one can play very well and so I've been hit in the face too many times to count with a shuttle cock by smashes. Even when playing doubles I've been whacked in the side of the face by people in the own team.

After a particularly bad accident in badminton I got a powerful smash in my eye causing me to go to the hospital and to wear an eyepatch for a week or so until the stitches in my eye had healed.

So after I made a full recovery I was back on the court. The very first match I played I wasn't myself. I would hear someone else play on a different court and break down and cry when I heard someone smash it.

If someone were to play a drop shot (a very light slow moving shot that lands just beyond the other side of the net) I would cry because I would lunge for it but then back away because it went near me.

It eventually came to the point that I couldn't even watch people play badminton without crying because someone would get hurt.

I have a National European Badminton Competition in 3 weeks, any suggestions on how to get over my fear before the competition comes up?


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