The Background Of Phobia

Understanding the background of phobia will help you to eliminate the constant fear of situations, persons or objects, which crops up in the mind of the victim involuntarily.

Jan Heering

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The victim refrains from situations or things he fears, knowing that his so-called fears are irrational. If the situation goes beyond control, it calls for treatment.

Are fear and phobia synonymous?
The crucial difference that separates the two is that fear is something, which is very rational and the moment this rationality shifts to irrationality then it is termed as phobia.

Moreover, a phobia is a disorder because the victim’s behavior is not only irrational and unreal but also beyond his own control.

How does phobia arise?
Phobia may arise due to a number of causes especially during adolescence. Referring to the background of phobia many people are evolutionarily prepared to fear heights, snakes etc., this leads to anxiety and consequently phobias.

Then again, a traumatic experience at one point of time could make the victim feel scared of non-threatening situations in the near future.

Different kinds of phobias
Agoraphobia, social phobia and specific phobia are the three different kinds of phobias. The fear of being in solitude or in public places where escape is impossible is referred to agoraphobia.

Social phobia is all about fearing criticism by others while specific phobia is the fear of any definite object or situation.

Notable Symptoms
Some of the commonly noted symptoms of phobias are fear of losing self-control, fear of dying, gasping for breath, palpitations, perspiring, abdominal distress and chest pain.

How does NLP cure phobias?
Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the technique to win over the psychological control of the patient to free him from his irrational fears.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a therapy, which organizes the emotions, thoughts and demeanors of the patient for a positive improvement.

Thus, without knowing the background of phobia you would have not known what phobias are all about.

Posted by Jan Heering
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