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I know how you feel
by: Uriah Gillespie

you and I are extremely similar, though, I am 19 now, back in high school I was also like that, I didn't have any friends either, and I felt like that with my girl situation too, I would get in trouble alot at home also and many of the things my mother would tell me when she was angry did hurt me too, but what convinces me the most is that when I would get in trouble I would tell my mom that I hated being wrong and that being wrong meant that you were a failure, and my mom kept trying to tell me that that's not what it meant, but I would just keep arguing my point, and i wasn't shy, I loved to talk and answer questions, even to the point where my mother would tell me to stop cause she said I was annoying people, I also got over this, and I am actually doing alot better now, thank you so much for this article, it's helped clear up so many things, I hope I can be friends with you, because you are forever in my gratitude, Sam

by: Anonymous

u just explained my

by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story on here, I have depression and sometimes I feel the same way too, you are a really strong person! I have depression as well and sometimes it is really hard, my sister also has depression and it is especially hard for her, but this shows me that things can get better as long as you keep trying. I think that a lot of people really suffer from this phobia then people think, I'm really sorry about your dad, keep on pushing! You're a great person!

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