Attacked by a moth

I was about 5 and a half months pregnant with my son when I felt like a moth was attacking me. I was in my kitchen making dinner, everything was fine, my husband and his sister where at the table and we were all talking and just catching up on our day.

Then I saw a single moth flying around the chandelier above the dinning room table, then it flew into the kitchen and I ran out of there, but it wwas following me!!

It was litteraly flying over me everywhere I went. My husband and sister-in-law did not understand how terrafied I was until they saw me on the floor with my head in my knees crying!!

My husband finnaly caught it, but by that point I was having a panic attack. I could not breath. But I knew I had to relax for my baby.

At first my husband thought I was being histerical, he thought "it's just a moth" but for me, that's actually when I realized I was mottephobic.

I knew I never liked moths, I dont like their color, their feet or anything about them. But when this happened, It was just the worst feeling.

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