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by: Anonymous

I had a scary experience one morning when I was sleeping on a air mattress in the den. Lightning struck the ground right outside the room, I was half asleep. I suddenly woke up and had a panic attack, running across the apartment and screaming bloody murder.
Before that experience, I used to love just sitting outside in the porch and watching the skies flash.
Now I am deathly afraid of it.

Headphones, maybe?
by: Richard Blade

Try putting on some headphones( not the weak little earbuds, ACTUAL headphones) and turn up your favorite songs. Should help muffle out the thunderclaps.

by: Reuben

Maddie I know exactly how you feel, I too suffer with this horrible horrible phobia, I'm 16 and I honestly don't know what's going to happen in the future, it is so bad it is ruining my life, believe me I know exactly how you feel, I'm going to try to get treatment for it soon cos it can't carry on like this.

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