by Blake
(West Philadelphia P.A USA )

my house

my house

I don't know how my astraphobia started but when i was around 14 i just became scared but it got worsted when i moved to west Philadelphia in a 3 story apartment at the end of the block where there is no more houses next to me and windows every where and when It started to thunder storm i could see the lightning more clear in my apartment and i got really scared.

I hate the summer because of it I just think every time it happens I'm going to die or that god hates me and is punishing me for something i did I think about thunderstorms all the time and i always watch the news to see when they are coming.

I fill like there is no escape and I'm trapped I hear about people getting hit and i fear for myself and every one around me I tell my mom to stay away from the windows and i hide in the hall way or behind the sofa I really need help.

I started to get sick and fill bad and Last time it happened I open the door and a loud BOOM!!! and a big flash and i stared to cry like crazy my mom told me to come in the room with her but i couldn't.

I was so scared i thought god was going to kill me and I asked my grand father to watch over me but i was so scared.

I can't do this any more i fill like I'm going to die every Time a thunder storm happens i don't want to die from a heart attack or something because I'm scared what can i do?

I dare not face my fear by going out side I'll try tomorrow by sitting in my living room and watch tv and not think about it I hope this works so bad i fear no other weather storm but thunderstorm.

I hate the loud noise and the lightning when there are people with me i fear nothing I just hate living in Philadelphia because it like we get the worst of the weather and it's like the storm knows i fear it and is coming for me can some one help me please i need help.

I'm 18 years old my friends think I'm a baby and a punk

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