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same here
by: Anonymous

This will sound weird. As soon I hear thunder or see lightning, I run to a mini bathroom on the main floor of my house. I go there because That is the only place I don't hear or see the storm. My parents say that I should go into the basement, but that doesn't help either! I wish someone would invent a headphone that cancels out all noise. It wouldn't cure my fear, but it will make sleeping much easier. i'm 11 and I still have it and hate it!

Hate thunderstorms
by: Anonymous

I dread thunderstorms. I always think I am going to get struck by lightening. My puppy was out in his kennel the other night and I freaked out. The weather was horrible and I just wanted to go get him. I was afraid to touch the metal gate in all that lightening. I finally mustered up the courage to go let him on my porch, lightening and all. I had such a panic attack but I DID IT. It was a real accomplishment. Sometimes, you just have to learn to not be afraid to die. I was glad I did it.

thunder n lghtng
by: Anonymous

u r not alone.. i am petrified also i sleep in my closet when there is a storm..the thunder woke me one night i jumped out of bed and i was so scared.. put earplugs in and went to the closet.. sound weird but i cant help being so afraid ..

me too
by: u r not alone

i have it bad to, my family dosent understand me either, i hate it so much. I constantly watch the weather forcast, i turn everything off when i hear thunder and go sit it our front room, with all the blinds closed.I've tried to read to occupy my mind and it dosent work. I often pray about it so that it may go away. I really dont like when my family wants to watch tv, or use electrical appliances during a storm. They say it's ok untill the strike of lightning gets worse. I on the other hand try to hide myself away from it.The worst thing about it is that i get so anxious when the sky is cloudy,and i hate to be alone at home when it does.

same thing
by: rosie

i have the exact same thing. i hate them so much that is i see a camera flash or a car headlight skims my eyes, i think its lightening and my heart rate goes mental. I never used to have a problem but i had 3 bad lightening experiences in the space of 2 years which is when my phobia developed. I ten to use earplugs and an eyemask at night when a storm is forecast, but i still awake the second i hear thunder. i hate it and i want to cure myself of it. You're not alone. i know exactly how you feel.

by: Anonymous

Hey,me too,im 39 and it wont go away, thunderstorms on the forecast for today.............yay....not

Scared Almost to Death
by: Catrina Maxwell

I know what ya'll mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's really frightening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like there is nothing that can be did about it!
I get really sick,heart racing,stomach tightening.

I know what you mean
by: Katie

I have the same fear. It's a terrible thing. You're not alone!

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