Do You Suffer From Astraphobia?

Astraphobia is the fear of thunder and lightening. It is also known as Keraunophobia, Brontophobia, or Tonitrophobia.


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Survey reveals that those with storm related phobia are too embarrassed to seek advice from doctors.

Every time they step out in the open sky, they are bound to check out for a clear sky.

If they find any dark clouds then they will definitely turn back into the safety of their home.

Sometimes the situation can turn so worse, that with a streak of lightening flash in the sky, they have a tendency to hide under the bed or seek shelter in the cupboard.

Some people are incredibly fanatic about flashing in the sky and often like to keep a check on any approaching storm.

The fear can get so worse at times that it can leave them terrified. Such fears prompt hyper-vigilance and complicated reactions of the victims.

The sooner the storm gets started, it hits a part of the brain and a panic-type anxiety starts in the minds.

The Best Advice To Win The Fears Of Thunder And Lightening
When the lightening strikes, you should make yourself realize that thunder and lightening is a part of the natural occurrence. So, you should be prepared for it and should not panic at all.

Make yourself understand that thundering will not snatch away your life instantly. You must have heard about any incident as such, but that does not mean that something like that is going to effect you equally.

The best medicine to heal astraphobia are NLP self help techniques. My established Phobia Release Program teaches you these NLP techniques that are proven and effective.

NLP uses the power of imagination to unknot the fear in your mind with painless and long-lasting techniques. NLP self help techniques help in eliminating astraphobia from the mind and lets you lead life in relief.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
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