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I'm almost 15
by: Anonymous

I have been deathly afraid of storms since I was little and I almost got over it until one night at 2am thunder woke me up shaking my house and then there was a tornado warning and we had to drive 4 houses down the road to grandparents house of their basement nothing came of the storm but now my fear is horrible. Okay about two weeks ago their was a tornado and it was worse than the April one and I live in the foothills of NC! Idk what to do

by: Anonymous

I wish I had gotten help for this when I was young, I am 53 and have suffered with phobia of thunderstorms my entire life...I really haven't met anyone who shares my fear so it is nice to read about other people who have it. Thunderstorms can be very unpredictable...even if one seems to be passing and you stop plugging your ears it can still strike local...I am so fearful of loud bangs ...I hate the 4th of July. I can deal with watching fireworks but only when I plug my ears tight...I think they are kind of pretty and all but hate the ones that have that have the loud booms, preceded by the flash of light.. and what I really hate is when a neighbor lights an M-80 , something more than a little firecracker (which I don't like either) but those M80s are like bombs and they scare the pants off me... my 3 kids aren't fearful like me, I tried really hard to not show it when they were little...and I think it worked. But when a storm is coming I can't do anything, go anywhere, I go into the basement in my house in a finished area that has no windows and still plug my ears...I can over drink alcohol during this time and I can sometimes cry when it is bad. I usually have the doppler on a computer screen and get some releif when I see the storm is passing. I pray in between lightning strikes...I just hate the time in between strikes and the uncertainty of when and how close it might hit again... there is therapy that can help this situation so do it when you are young, don't wait like worsens over the years because every episode when you hide from it and avoid it you are reinforcing the fear even more... good luck, you can get over this...

by: Anonymous

I sympathize with all of you as I too suffer with this fear. It began when I became a stay at home mom. I am nearly 65 and still suffer with fear of lightning and thunder. Don't ever feel embarassed of your fear.

You might try an see a professional in this area and perhaps he/she could help you through it.

Good Luck!


I also suffer this condition.....not nice, im 39 with 4 kids and when it storms my kids become the adult because the fear makes me feel vulnerable and helpless. my fear has worsened as ive got older and ive suffered all my life,u certainly are not the only one, i have an ipod too lol. i hope one day you are cured, take care. p.s thunderstorms on the forecast where i live today..........yay

by: Anonymous

I absolutely and totaly share your fear.

I have suffered the same since in was 9 i am now 41! I feel embarrassed about my fear, but not embarrassed with my children.

I am self employed and i work outside, so, if i hear of stormy day ahead, i have to work around it, or simply, stay indoors.

I hate it at night. Everything you have said, i can totaly relate to. Switching everything on the radio, the tv, the lights, and all the curtains and windows shut.

It is an embarrassing condition that only another suffer can really understand.

I have always figured that if i go to America or one of the countris that have massive storms, well, it would either kill me or cure me! But, i don't really want the chance to find out.

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