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This article on fear or phobia will inform you about the various traits and characteristics of fright, panic and anxiety.

Fear culminates due to unnecessary tension and reluctance towards certain individual or concept. Phobia is a kind of unusual tendency to retreat from certain areas of life unreasonably.

Under such circumstances, you may develop certain behavioral peculiarities such as dislike, disapproval, prejudice, hatred, discrimination or hostility for certain individuals or objects.

Our article on fear or phobia will inform you from the medical point of view that phobia is a form of anxiety. Usually when we develop a kind of likeness for a particular being or entity we get inclined towards the source. The situation however becomes contradictory when the likeness is eventually replaced by fear. Hatred and dislike always results in unwillingness and avoidance.

Our article on fear or phobia consequently states that an American study by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has discovered that about 5.1% to 21.1% Americans undergo phobias. Phobia or irrational fear is a condition more common among women and quite prevalent among men more than 25 years of age.

In certain cases, a sense of insecurity is also a cause of phobia. The right sort of protection and care may help individuals overcome such helpless states in life. However, this article on fear or phobia will tell you that phobias can be generally classified into three basic categories. These classifications are mainly done by experienced psychologists and psychiatrists. These three types of phobias are social phobias, specific phobias and agoraphobia.

Any article on fear or phobia will inform you that in case of social phobia a person feels awkward when present in a social get together. The person feels shy to eat, drink or even to speak to anyone while present among several individuals.

Specific fears include afraid of flying, afraid of dogs and even in certain cases afraid of running water and a number of other absurdities. Agoraphobia is the most common instance of feeling afraid particularly when one has to depart from familiarities and settle among a group of unknown individuals. This generally happens in cases when the person is incapable of co-coordinating, communicating and interacting with those around him.

An informative article on fear or phobia will also tell you how to treat people suffering from acute phobiatic conditions. Some therapists make patients confront realities to make them get rid of phobias and irrational fears. Systematic desensitization and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are the two most effective phobiatic treatments to make people realize the anomalous traits in their characters.

The motive of this article on fear or phobia is to clarify to the readers that the various treatments undertaken for phobias by the psychoanalyst primarily aims in changing the thinking pattern of the victim. They try and make the person aware of the fact that fear is irrational and absurd.

Once the person gains confidence and at length develops a challenging attitude, he himself is able to disregard the causes of his illogical phobias.

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