Are Phobias Hereditary?

One of the most important phobia related question is – are phobias hereditary? But before answering this, you have to know some more about this fear related disorder.

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Phobias belong to a group of mental problems, which is known as anxiety disorder and can be divided into three main categories: specific phobia or simple phobia, social phobia and agoraphobia.

The types of phobias
Almost everybody is tormented by some kind of fear and in America alone, 18% population have their daily lives intervened by irrational fears. A little further insight into the varieties of phobias may help to answer the question, are phobias hereditary? or are they caused by environmental factors only.

Specific or Simple Phobia
A specific phobia can be defined as the fear of any particular situation or object, found in one out of ten people. Moreover, as far as the question, are phobias hereditary? is concerned; research shows that some specific phobias are. They run in bloodline and women are twice susceptible than men.

The lesser anyone encounters the feared thing or situation, the better it is. Some of the common forms of specific phobias are fears of snakes, flying, escalators, heights, etc.

Social Phobia
Social phobia is fear of being embarrassed in public. Social phobia generally develops in childhood or adolescence, specially following a humiliating experience.

Approximately 40% cases occur before the age of ten and 95% before the age of 20. Often the question are phobias hereditary? is asked in case of social phobias and Medical Research shows that both male and female are susceptible to this disorder that can be inherited or learned.

In 30% cases, social phobias develop due to hereditary or genetic influences and in 70% cases due to environmental factors like faulty upbringing by parents, learning from social behaviors of others, etc.

In some cases, deficient distribution of Serotonin through brain cells has also been cited as another cause.

This is a disorder which gives rise to a fear of feeling trapped and having a panic attack in a public place.

Agoraphobia leads to the avoiding of places and situations, where the panic attack occurred and finally one ends up avoiding all public places. This is more common in women.

Agoraphobia can be hereditary and can even be triggered by a stressful event.

The symptoms and cure
Even when we argue over the fact are phobias hereditary or not? we should understand that modern medical science has yet many questions unanswered about phobias.

Whatever be the phobia, their common symptoms are feelings of terror and impending doom, rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweaty palms, etc. It is mention worthy that NLP can cure most types of phobias.

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