Arachnophobia- my horrific fear of spiders

by Tabitha
(South Carolina)

It all started around two years ago. I was outside reading a book in a lawn chair when all of a sudden I saw a black widow on the side of our garden wall. Before I knew what I was doing I jumped up, screamed bloody murder, and started walking in circles for 45 minutes feeling the hair on my head stand straight up.

I told my mom what happened and she didn't see anything wrong. After all, I was a 10 year old girly girl who hated bugs right? Wrong. It got progressivly worse.

Six months later, I was putting up some clothes in my room when I saw a huge, long, creepy daddy long leg spider on the top of my ceiling.

Once again I freaked out and continued to walk in circles for what seemed like two hours. I looked up online to see if this was normal and clearly it was... for people who have me. Great, I thought, now I'm some kind of freak who hates spiders.

What's wrong with me? I'd appreciate it if I could get some help with coping with this awful phobia. Thank You.

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