Arachnophobia: a laughing matter?

Hi, I'm a 21 year old woman with an extreme fear of spiders. Pretty common, right? Except when I say extreme, I mean crippling. I am so afraid that I will not go into a room where a spider has been spotted for weeks after it's been removed. I'm currently living in the spare room at my parents house as 2 months ago I found 3 spiders in the same night in my regular room and I have refused to sleep in there since. However, now I have found a GINORMOUS crawly in the spare room! Since my regular room is getting decorated I am sleeping on the couch until my new bed comes.

But here's the thing. I am being ridiculed in my own home by my parents and siblings for having this fear. Is it so irrational? My mum has a phobia of birds and yet we don't laugh at her?

Why is it that a phobia of spiders is so laughable? It's still a phobia, a crippling fear which restricts the way some people can live their lives.

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