by Grant

Since a young age I've been afraid of spiders to the point of yelling and screaming everytime I see one but it wasn't as bad as it is now. The reason I am now more afraid is that when I was home alone trying to have a bath last year, I put one foot in and held the towel rack for balance and while I was doing that I disturbed the towel which I figured out later had a small huntsman on it and as I was about to put the other foot in the bath I felt a sharp pain in it. I looked down to see the spider on my foot and then see it run away, I was immediately hysterical, I was hyperventilating and crying while screaming without any control of myself. I was able to kill it by splashing it with water and then hitting It with a plastic container. I then ran out leaving the bath running and called my Dad. For the next two weeks after that I couldn't sleep until at least 4Am because I felt like spiders were on me. To this day I slap myself all over while trying to get to sleep and freak out at anything brushing up against me.I also often think about the fact that I will inevitably encounter spiders in my life and it scares me to the point where I think of just ending it all now

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