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by: Anonymous

omg iam the same way. i stay up all night watching for spider. when i see one i start itching all over. and like you i would smack myself all over my body. i cant walk through my house with out being a karate master the whole way through. iam so scared of them that i am actually planning on moving out of the house where iam now. im invested with them, THERE EVERY WHERE. i mean there only daddy long legs but still i cant take it. iam also gonna gonna give birth soon . and im afraid there gonna be all over the baby when i have her. i wish there was a cure for this. or at least spiders never existed.

by: Michael G.

I am 21 and I am STILL afraid of spiders. In fact, just last week, I was in my bed sleeping, I just happen to turn in the direction of my closet and there it was, a spider on my closet door, I didn't scream oddly enough, but it literally made me jump out of bed, so as I was about to squash it, it whizzed down my closet door, down to the floor and went under my bed, so I couldn't sleep that night.

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