Aphenphosmphobia and Shy bladder/paruresis

by Shauneen
(Northern Ireland)

Its great to know that I am not alone in my weird and not so wonderful phobias. My phobia of being touched is a fairly recent one, starting just of a year ago. I have always been a very self-conscious person and I have an extremely low self esteem, so I put my phobia down to that but then my friends started noticing it because I would virtually freak out when they went to hug me! It's really annoying because I know they aren't doing me any harm, but I just hate them or anyone else touching me, unless I instigate the hug.

My other phobia of going to the toilet where there are people near is even worse because you can avoid being touched (usually) but avoiding the loo is much more difficult. Its not so much a fear of using public toilets, but more a fear of someone hearing me using the loo. No matter how much I need to do a pee I have to wait until the toilets are completely free from other people and noises, which can and has done taken hours. I have had this phobia for a years now and it is such a nuisance, my friends get annoyed when they have to either wait outside while I go first or wait for me after they go, instead of just being able to go together. At first they thought it was funny but not soo much anymore!


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