Anxiety attack

by Basanthi

I am a person of age 60.At age 20 i got one Anxiety attack and it took some 1-2 years to cure.Then at 40 I got a severe attack when one person died in our place.It was trated by Medication.Now I got a problem since 3 days-one known person comitted suicide. So after that I am not getting sleep.First night I slept for 1 hour. That time I saw a dream of walking in the night in a forest with my dead mother.Morning when i got up,I can't look at my mother's photo in the dining room.I am frightened to look at it. So I removed and kept it upside down.still I am scared of that room.Second night I look one sleeping tablet and slept nicely. Earlier, I had anxiety and fear of dead.But I did TFT and got rid of all those.This time my fear is not going. Can you help me. My husband stays with me. I told him I am not getting sleep. But my fear of my mothers photo i didnot tell him. He will tease me.What can I do. can you give some suggestion. Basanthi,India

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