Angrophobia- fear of angering others or becoming angry

by Michelle
(Northern Ireland, UK)

Hello. My name is Michelle. I used to have the fear of angering other people, especially my parents. I was extremely cautious around people and tried my best to please people and make sure that there was no possible way to anger them. I started to realise though that my fear was not necessary and i shouldnt have it. I decided to go to see a phycyatrist with my mum and he advised me to go on a short course to loosen me upa bit and relax me. Although i was young at the time, i decide to take the course which aimed to give me more confidence and give me social skills to hold back my fear. I also took part in martial arts to give me strength so i did not feel weak while talking to others.

I still do karate today and has been a real boost to my confidence and i have no longer had any fears of thinking that i will make someone angry. I would definitely advise you to take up some sort of martail art if you have little confidence.

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