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Im glad im not he only one
by: Anonymous

i thought i was the only one in this world that didnt like taxis. Like i get scared or mad (dont know why i get mad) when i see a taxi.

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The fear is real
by: Anonymous

Im surprised there isn't a name for this! I get so anxious in taxis I swear I get nauseous to the point I feel at the verge of throwing up. I get severe paranoia that i'm being led the wrong way and will get raped. It doesnt even matter if I have friends in the taxi with me I wish I could get rid of this fear..

same here
by: sanja

im scared of taxy,strange man,waiting them to arrive when i call them is the worst and some want more money than others even tho is the same road

There really needs to be a name for this phobia
by: Anonymousness

I absolutely loath taxis, I honestly have no clue what is wrong with them. I can get into other people's cars just fine, but I dread the very idea of taxis. I recently had to go in a taxi, and it was quite uncomfortable, but the real trouble happened after I got out. I felt completely drained and wanted to hide in my room for a week. It was like my introvert kicked in x9000.

Taxi phobia
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I'm not alone. I even cancelled a paid for trip because I didn't want to get in a taxi. I don't want to do that anymore. Please help!

by: Jade

my young bro can't ride taxis. He's terribly afraid of taxis to the point he passes out and claims he can't breath.
Anyone knows what to do?

by: Anonymous

im a groen woman in my 50's & im afraid of taxis becasue i fear getting in a car with a strange man... also i fear they will take me somewhere & not let me out or take a detour just to charge me lot of money

same here
by: Anonymous

Same here!
I can't go in them.
Is there a name for this?

by: Anony

i'm not the only one then!! i have the same, i can see them but getting in one, makes my skin crawl.

by: Anonymous

taxis scare me shitless.
seeing one isnt bad.
being by one is scary.
in one, i think id faint.

by: Anonymous

OMG i have those same symptoms!! every day after school there is a taxi that picks someone up and when i walk next to it i feel like the driver is going to ask me to get in oh well... Thank goodness im not the only one

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