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by: Krystle

I know it's silly and it's very unlikely but I also have a uncontrollable fear of Zombies or anything related to zombie nature. When ever my Fiancée watches zombie movies or plays certain video games I can't stand them, I have to leave the room or ask him to turn it off because it bothers me. I've tried confronting my fear by playing L4D with select friends but I can't play with just anyone because I'll start freaking out. stupid huh?
Before I leave the apartment in the morning there's really are some days I wonder if this could be morning of the zombie apocalypse but I shrug it off and go to work.
I've thought of the fastest ways to dismantle the stairs and what places in my home town could possibly with stand zombies or hold enough rations for a few people.
I just recently broke myself of stockpiling can goods. Even though I have this silly phobia I feel comfortable about living above a mortuary. lol

by: Amor

am severly afraid of zombies.
Like its not even funny.
and the word for it kinda freaks me out too.

by: Anonymous

I Have A Massive Fear Of Zombies

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