Overcoming Alektorophobia

Alektorophobia is defined as the fear of chickens. Those who are victims of fear of chickens are afraid of every detail physical part of the chicken, like its feathers, eggs, or any other contaminated body part.

So, every time the chicken in your neighborhood roosts, your panic starts and you feel suffocated where you seek any possibility of confronting chickens.

What Triggers Fear Of Chickens?
You may define Alektorophobia as an irrational fear that takes birth from any old incident related to fear of chicken. Most people fear the fact that they eat from the ground or in the manure and this instill an invoking fear of contamination.

Most people, who are suffering from this weird kind of fear, start to sweat when around chickens. They feel a constant tickle of worry that the chicken might become aggressive or conspiratorial and attack them and contaminate their body with infection on their body.

The actual fear lies in the fact that the person may think that the chicken may peck him at any time or swoop upon to cause unnecessary fear.

Relative closeness to chickens is the source of fear and therefore you should try and maintain a distance between you and them.

Things at times may turn so worse that the victim may start feeling the fear brooding in the heart and they will start feeling the panic even at the sight of pictures of chickens or moving chickens on the television.

The fear of chickens is raised in the unconscious mind as the protective mechanism. But you should understand the fact that the fear is not sparked in the mind very abruptly.

There must be certain incident in the past or a real-life trauma of some kind that triggered the fear. Other benign events like movies or stories are held equally responsible for the same.

The Common Symptoms Of Fear Of Chickens
To list down some of the common symptoms of Alektorophobia include feelings of dread, breathlessness, nausea, excessive sweating, feelings of sickness, heart palpitations and rapid breathing.

Other common symptoms are fear of dying, feelings of going crazy, feelings of dying, inability to speak properly, losing control and much more.

Treating Alektorophobia
Scientists have proved that NLP out stands all the other treatments. It has been tested over decades and has been eventually proved that it is very much effective in ruling out Alektorophobia from the mind.

Unlike other treatments, my NLP based Phobia Release Program actually attacks the problem at the source and treats the problem from the core.

For instance, talk-therapy, medication and cognitive behavior therapy are helpful in only treating the symptoms, but NLP self help technique is unique in the sense that it treats Alektorophobia from the root.

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