Agoraphobia Treatment Options

Guide To Agoraphobia Treatment

Agoraphobia is real, serious and treatable. Experts believe that agoraphobia is caused by a combination of biological and environmental factors,much like other disorders, such as heart disease and diabetes.

But some of this thinking is starting to change as leading edge practitioners learn and use NLP and Energy Psychology.

Thevast majority of people with an agoraphobia can be cured with self help techniques. Success of treatment varies with the individual.

So-called experts say some people may respond to agoraphobia treatment after a few months, while others may take a year or more.

This has changed with NLP and Energy Psychology. Agoraphobia treatment times are proving to be significantly shorter at the same time being more effective.

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Agoraphobia Treatment is sometimes complicated by the fact that people very often have more than one phobia, or suffer from depression or substance abuse. This is whytreatment must be tailored to the individual.

Although treatment of agoraphobia is individualized, there are several standard approaches. Therapists will use one, or a combination of thesetherapies.

Agoraphobia Treatment Options

The goal of Behavior Therapy is to modify and gain control over unwanted behavior. The individual learns to cope with difficult situations, often throughcontrolled exposure to them.

This kind of therapy gives the individual a sense of having control over their life. However, it is not the most effectiveintervention or therapy. And it can be very uncomfortable at times.

CognitiveTherapy - Agoraphobia treatment
The goal of Cognitive Therapy is to change unproductive or harmful thoughtpatterns. The individual examines his feelings and learns to separate realisticfrom unrealistic thoughts. As with Behavior Therapy, the individual is activelyinvolved in his own recovery and has a sense of control.

Cognitive-BehaviorTherapy (CBT)
Many therapists use a combination of Cognitive and Behavior Therapies. This isoften referred to as CBT. One of the benefits of these types of therapies is thatthe patient learns recovery skills that are useful for a lifetime.

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation Techniques help individuals develop the ability to more effectivelycope with the stresses that contribute to phobia, as well as with some of thephysical symptoms of phobia. The techniques taught include breathingre-training and exercise.

helps people reprogram subconscious "programs" that may be part ofagoraphobia. When these programs are "de-bugged" the symptoms ofagoraphobia often are minimized.

However, some people don't like thefeeling of loss of control in allowing someone else to play with their personal"software". Also, the skill of hypnotherapists seems to vary widely.

Neuro-LinguisticProgramming (NLP)
NLPis basically the study and practice of how we create our reality. From the NLPviewpoint, agoraphobia is the result of programs or"constructs" that we have created that don't work very well.

With NLP,these constructs are revealed and "re-programmed" so that the agoraphobia is minimized and often eliminated. more information

EnergyPsychology - Agoraphobia treatment
EnergyPsychology is emerging as a great therapy for phobia and fears because in studies it isshown to be rapid, safe, effective and long-lasting. It is based on a theory andpractice that has been around for a couple of thousand years.

It has the samefoundation or roots as acupuncture, except in this case there are no needlesused. You could call it emotional acupuncture - without the needles. Recentscientific studies have shown it to be very effective. more information

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