Afraid when waking up at night

As someone who had a sleep disorder for most of their life, sleep has always been difficult in some respect. Before I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder, as a child more so, I had severe nightmares, as my brain attempted but failed to reach rem sleep properly. I would often wake up from these nightmares terrified, often ending up sleeping with my mother and father till I was as old as 16. Thinking that the demons and monsters I saw in my nightmares were real, because the nightmares felt so real, I was afraid to be in a dark room alone. Not so much any more though. However, sometimes and it's only when I wake up in the middle of the night, not even before I fall asleep, I often wake up scared. I often think that someone is looking at me through the darkness. I pull back my covers from over my eyes and I am surprised that no one is there. I then turn the light on for the rest of the night in my bedroom which makes me feel better. Perhaps this is more of a post traumatic stress disorder than a fear. But I thought I should share it anyway. Thanks.

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