Afraid to talk to people and be around several people, especially girls.

When I was 10, a lot of people started to insult every little thing they found laughable. Also, my best friends, who were all female of course, told me to leave them alone because they didn't want anyone to think I was dating one of them. I was always being shunned into solitude and called "nerd", "creep", etc. as well. I cant go a single moment without worrying about my appearance, what people think of me, and what they'll think about what I say. I can't even look people in the eye for more than 2 seconds (literally), because I don't want anyone to think I'm staring and label me as a stalker. If I don't look perfect and have the right things to say and do, I force myself into loneliness, even when people try to talk to me out of pity. I always feel like a failure too. In fact, when someone says "How are you?" to me, I just lie by saying, "Fine." I wish I could care less and say more than just "hello" without leaving as people's attention evades me. While other teenage guys are flirting with girls and having fun with their 'bros', I'm standing in a corner, briefly watching humans enjoy themselves. What can I do? Am I depressed?

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