afraid of wounds on fingers

by Jennes Estuche
(Bacolod City, Philippines)

I am Jennes, 23, male. My first fear started when I was still small about 5 years old. It was harvest time and in Philippines we use something sharp, (I'm sorry I don't know the english term for it) to harvest rice. One of the girls got her small finger cut and I can feel the pain. Although I didn't see blood yet the feeling is so unexplainable.

When I was in 1st grade about 6 yrs old, I got my finger slashed on a lemon grass. There was no blood yet i felt so dizzy.

Then one time, my classmate wounded her finger with a blade. I almost fainted.Until now If ever I see blood or cuts with or without blood, i'm losin, control. The feeling is unexplainable. i asked for water. i want to sleep.

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