Afraid of water

by Jamecia
(New Hampshire)

As a child I was never afraid of water of any kind. As I entered my teen years I started to develop a fear of dark, murky, or unclear water. i have no trouble swimming, and have no fear of drowning. I remember my fear developing while i was swimming in a lake, i could not see the bottom and the water was black, i started to freak out, i didn't know what was down there, and the thought terrified me, even though i knew there was nothing to be afraid of, i was still terrified. As i got a little older my fear grew stronger, I am even afraid of being in a bathtub i cannot see the bottom of. I have no problems in a pool or anything i can see the bottom of, but i now refuse to go swimming in a lake, pond, river, or the ocean. I have done a little research on fear of dark water and haven't found much on it at all. All i have found out is that there are a few people with the same fear. I don't know if i can ever get over my fear, but i don't want to feel singled out when with friends on vacation, camping, or just a fun afternoon at a river. Sometimes i feel the anxiety coming on even when im in a pool, i can easily make it go away by reassuring myself that there is nothing to be afraid of, and looking down and around me and knowing there is nothing to be afraid of. But i can't seem to do the same thing in dark water, i've tried numerous times, and it does nothing but accelerates the fear and anxiety. I don't know if i can overcome my fear, or how, but facing my fears by getting into dark water does nothing but worsen the problem. Can anyone help me or give me some ideas on what i can do? Or maybe let me know i'm not alone out there, i feel like this fear is completely ridiculous and unreasonable, but i can't seem to get rid of it.

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