Afraid of walking past people, mostly gangs.

by Stephanie Howells

Hello, I'm 13, nearly 14 and I have a few fears that i would like some answers to.
Okay, so I don't know why but I always get really panicky and afraid when I have to walk past a gang of people. Even if they are little toddlers or kids younger than me. I mostly feel afraid when they are my age or older though. I just feel that they are watching me and judging me and it makes me petrified. Sometimes I even feel that they are going to start chasing me and attack me or something. Please Help !!
I also get really scared when I find that I have to speak infront of people, like in class or something. I get really panicked and feel faint and like I'm about to cry. I can't seem to get over this and it wrecks me.
Also a couple of years ago my brother used to like watching Most Haunted when he babysat me. I have quite a big fear of ghosts, but only when I'm on my own. I became so scared of Most Haunted that as soon as I heard the theme tune for it I would get absolutely petrified and feel faint and everything. I'd get too scared to go to any part of the house on my own, even the bathroom ! It's weird because I only get really scared of ghosts when I'm on my own, If I'm with other people I might get a little nervous but that's it.
I get quite scared when I have to go places on my own aswell, I normally just try and cope with it but sometimes, if my mam or dad are able to, then I'll make them come with me.
One of my biggest fears is getting shouted at by a teacher. I don't even know why this is. I feel that I'll cry if I got shouted at and I get really nervous.
Also, I get paranoid about what clothes I wear. I am on the large side (11 stone something, I'm trying to lose it) and I Have to go out with a cardigan or coat or something to cover my belly on. I get realy nervous incase my bulge shows and I don't know why. It makes me feel out of place but I hate my bulge so I would rather do that.

So yeah, these are just some of my freakish fears, and if yo have any answers could you let me know please ?? :) P.S. If you do want to let me know then contact me on Facebook. My name is Stephanie Panda Howells :) xx Please help me !

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