Afraid of Unexplained, Bleeding Injuries

Okay, so I started to have a lot of blood tests at the doctors because I had unexplained medical problems. Before that, I never was very afraid of things.

Now, I freak out whenever I see or think about a needle. But more than that, I am irrationally afraid of unexplained, bleeding injuries. I don't care if I'm bleeding. That I don't care about. Unless I don't know why I'm bleeding. Then I have tendencies to hyperventilate and sometimes even pass out. Even worse is when blood is on other people. Then I can't process rational thoughts.

But my main fear that I have always had is of guns. Even unloaded guns and fake guns. I can't control my breathing or my heartbeat when I'm around anything like that.

I didn't even really find out until about sixth grade. My family has never really been into hunting or anything like that, so we don't have guns around. But in sixth grade I went to a friend's house who had an unloaded BB gun on their bedroom wall. I was supposed to sleep over, but I could barely stand ten minutes in there before I fainted. So yeah. Crazy here.

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