Afraid of the dark rooms at the other end of my house

I'm afraid of the dark rooms at the other end of my house. My husband works nights, and it's very unnerving if I have to go down there to get something.

When it's time for bed, I bring my dog in the room with me and lock my bedroom door. When I turn the light off, I have an overwhelming feeling that there is a demon or spirit crouched down in a corner of my room. I think this fear of demons came from a recent conversation I had with my son.....his roommate claimed that he had seen and talked to the devil, and it was in the corner of his bedroom.

So that thought never goes away when I'm alone in the dark. I do believe in demons, so it seems like a real possibility that there are demons in my room. It's only when I'm alone...I'm not scared when my husband is home. Also if I go outside my house at night to go in the garage, when I head back toward the house, I have a terrible fear that something will get me if I don't walk real fast. And I'm too afraid to look back to see if there really is something there.

I've always been afraid of the dark, but I didn't expect it to be a problem as an adult. This fear of darkness and devils makes me feel paralyzed in the middle of the night, especially if I need to get up to go to the bathroom.

Other phobias I have are fear of heights, wide open spaces and looking underwater in the swimming pool. I think it's the vastness and bigness(?) that is so overwhelming and frightening to me.

These fears aren't nearly as bad as my fear of the dark though. I have to deal with the darkness every night.

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