Afraid of Taxedermy

by Gabe

Okay so i had been afraid of taxedermy scince i was 3 but i have faint memories of when i was younger and used to see deer heads all the time, the first time i was tramatized, it was a buffulo head hanging 20 feet in the air in a corner of a resteraunt, and you know when something is really high up so you dont notice it at first, but when you do you feel intimidated by it and you start freaking out and crying and hiding under tabels...but anyways my mom was very mean to me about it, how i needed to grow some balls, then draging me into Cabelas (C) and me crying that entire time (if youve ever been in cabelas) with all those empty eyes staring at me, anyways its gotten alot better, but i still look around and walls when i walk in, or behind me in the doorways, so comment please and message me on Xbox LIVE (C) at stray coldblade to talk about it.


Gabe M.

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