Afraid of plumbing.

by Maegz

Ok, well, I'm afraid of plumbing.
One day my father decided it would be a fun idea to hide in the shower, then jump out and scare the living daylights out of my formerly 5 year old self. Needless to say it was a really BAD idea.

I was paranoid about him jumping out at me from the shower for a year, and unfortunately when that year was up he passed away.

So a few years later I was thinking about the 'good times' we shared and I thought of that particular time.

From then somehow my slight fear of the dark along with that small paranoia of stuff jumping at me from behind the shower curtain sort of turned into a 'my dead father's gonna get me while my back's turned away from the showerhead' thing and just went from there.

AND after I figured out that all plumbing is attached well, you can kind of guess.

Sounds more like a paranoia I know I can't get comfortable in a bathroom without checking out every nook and cranny first+mentally blocking out windows and ceiling fans.

The one time imagination doesn't help... :|

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