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by: Boy Age: 15

Im sitting on my bed and there is a moth in my room and every time i ask someone to kill it or get rid of it they come up and say its not there and im lying. My mom makes fun of me because im old and the moths will make me hide.

My problem
by: Anonymous

Just reading the comments has made me tingly and scared! :( I am 12yrs old and my friends always tease me about it. The small light brown ones don't bother me but the fat black ones withe big black heads make me have to leave the house. My sister is my hero she will just trap it in her hand and put it out the window. She is my LITTLE sister. My mum and dad just tell me to stop being a baby. One time I had to pee outside because there was a moth in the bathroom. It's so bad it's giving me a fear of butterflies PLEASE HELP!

by: Anonymous

I just woke up crying and sobbing because I thought a moth was on my arm.
It was a beetle...almost just as bad! There was a moth on the bed beside me though. Which made me freak out even more.
I know it's not rational but I am so...I don't even know if I'm afraid of them really, they just disgust me and make me cry.
My tip to you all is to get a cat. I have two and whenever I see a moth I get one of my cats to come kill it. Then they usually eat it...which I know sounds gross but it makes me feel a lot better to know that it's gone for sure.
I think I need to get over this so I'm gonna try some exposure techniques.
Like the other person said, it is comforting to know that others have this fear as well. Not that I want people to have phobias, it's just a sense of support.

Im like deadly afraid
by: Anonymous

Moths they are the ugliness looking creatures ever the way they fly and look i mean no harm but i really am afraid of them

Fear of Moths
by: Anonymous

I am 43 years old and have been afraid of moths my whole life. The little ones don't bother me. But when they get to about one inch long I can't stand them. I try to rationalize it by reminding myself that moths (as far as I know) don't transmit diseases to us, don't bite us and I don't believe they would "lay eggs" on or in us either. Like the other posters, I hate their flying sound and their horrid erratic flight patterns. My male kitten has started to go out on our balcony and bring them in the house in his mouth and eat them. UGH! Just yesterday I batted one away from him with a broom and beat it to death on the carpet. My heart was racing the entire time. I have tried touching moths on our outside walls to conquer my fear then jump away if they move. It hasn't worked. My mother used to say that I got this from her because she is this way and she would freak out in front of me when I was little. I don't know if there is validity in this or not. My husband is my moth "superhero", getting rid of them for me. I was very surprised to find that others have this fear too. A little comforted too; not that I like for others to be afraid, but it does seem like a more unusual fear.

by: Anonymous

I am terrified of moths and completely agree. They look disgusting, they fly to light and have those nasty little beedy red eyes, and they flutter around everywhere.

There are more people that are freaked out by spiders, but to me moths are so gross. People laugh at others for their fears because they are insecure about themselves and want to be better. But they don't get that moths are as freaky to me as heights, spiders, or tests are to them.

moths make me scream
by: Anonymous

ok, i'm writing this now coz i woke up in the middle of the night....then i saw a moth and my heart started beating faster. i tried to kill it but it now i can't fall asleep anymore because i know it's still here in my room somewhere...

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