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From a Tropophobic
by: Phobia

Your phobia is called tropophobia. How do I know this? This is because I have the exact same phobia and was scouring the Internet for people who had the same phobia as I. It turns out that there are a bunch of other people with tropophobia. I found out about my phobia in the spring. You know how they dig small holes in the dirt to plant grass seeds? I was terrified of them. Like, my fear is really irrational too. I'm not afraid that something's gonna come out of the hole or anything, I'm just scared of the actual hole. I'm afraid of holes and any clusters of holes. If you want to learn more about this phobia, you can look it up online. But I suggest that tropophobics don't look it up because it shows some pictures of holes that terrified the heck out of me.

by: Anonymous

I had a panic attack today because I saw too many holes in the bottom of a bin that is supposed to drain water!! I wanted to scream as soon as i saw it and I have been scratching ever since!!!

small holes
by: Anonymous

i think this may be my phobia as well.. maybe not. I am very very afraid of the holes inside of bones.. thats weird right? i'm also afraid small holes like drains or ant holes. i just dont like them and want to cover them up. I feel like they lead to something evil but that is totally stupid haha.

by: Natasha

I saw that exact same programme years ago and i now too have the same phobia i never thought anyone else had the same thing now i dont feel so strange.

You are not the only one!
by: Anonymous

I have a phobia of holes too!

Question about hole phobia
by: Anonymous

Does anything that is round makes you sick?

Like a pomegranate looking thing, or an octopus round thingys?

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