How To Avoid Being Afraid Of Fear?

Are you afraid of fear? If you are then you are surely suffering from phobophobia. Phobia is a usual psychological disorder and being acutely phobic can make things worse in life.

You know that when you are afraid you feel miserable. You become confused and you literally don't know what you should do.

Jan Heering

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Have you ever been phobophobia? It is probably when you found your mouth going dry, your palms sweating and a feeling of uneasiness hovering your mind.

At times, when you are afraid of fear you are a bit extra careful. This is good. Being extra cautious often helps in solving several problems in life.

Have you ever felt like not wanting to watch horror movies because you know such eerie things can indeed scare and frighten you? In this case you are genuinely apprehensive about your state of fear.

Fear of phobias causes gratuitous distress to incalculable people. Fear of phobia is persistent and painful.

What symptoms do you experience when you have phobophobia

  • You breathe rapidly and your breathing becomes short
  • You have irregular heartbeat sweating and nausea
  • You are afraid of everything and you just die to run away from the situation
  • You may experience relentless panic attacks

You are not the only one who suffers from phobophobia. The list is endless, for who would want to be phobic in life, but having panic attacks at the thought of fear is a bit unusual.

Fear is not a danger that you should be afraid of. It is a natural psychological state. However, if you are afraid of anything natural in life it means that you actually want to go out of the way.

How can you save yourself being afraid of fear?
The best way is to train your mind by following certain self-help NLP techniques so that you can focus in life with more confidence and ease.

Self-help NLP techniques teaches you how to deal with the unconscious region of your mind and liberate it from the unpleasant burden of phobophobia.

Self-help NLP is a process to reprogram your mental “constructs”. In this way, you are able to bring about a successful reduction in your condition of afraid of fear.

In fact, my NLP self-help techniques are the best way to say no to fears and make way for optimism in life.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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