Afraid of Dinos - Dino Phobia

When I was young, my dad let me watch the Jurassic Park movies. I'm now 19, and ever since, I've been afraid of even looking at the meat-eating dinosaurs because my imagination begins to go wild, and I convince myself that they are coming for me and that its highly possible that they will. Sometimes I can pretend it doesn't bug me, and I have finally mastered a calming process for myself that usually works if people start trying to scare me with them, but most other times I just have to get the heck out of there. I have even made multiple emergency escape routes out of my house and school if there ever is an attack. I live in FEAR that some crazy scientist will clone one or something, and then everything will be chaos. I have researched heavily on how to take the large and small dinosaurs down if they do come, but I doubt I could actually hold off a full blown attack for long. I have a better chance of running and hiding in places they can't get me. Every time I go into a building, the first thing I do is find 1) the best escape route from big and small dinosaurs, or a combination of the both, 2) the best place to hide if I can't get out, and 3) anything I can defend myself with. Pathetic right? Well, if there is ever an least I'll survive. :P

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