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by: Anonymous

OMG same here! When I was in year 2 I snuck downstairs at night and my parents were watching Jurassic Park. At first I was like ok, dinos, they're like, extinct. No way they can get me. But it got worse and I became afraid of looking at pictures of them (even yoshi) because it would just link back to the night and I keep imaging them breaking my roof off etc. So i, like you, would come up with a plan to escape in my mind if they did come.
Also strangely, I can't stand the name South Park anymore because to me it sounds really similar to 'Jurassic Park' (don't ask me why)
This, along with all my other fears (yeah im also afraid of butterflies, handles, and deep water...) it has not been making my life easy.
You're not pathetic at all, I mean, come on, everybody's afraid of something right?

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