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just an idea
by: Anonymous

Maybe you should watch it again. This time you know whats going to happen- make sure that you watch it in the middle of the day with loads of good mates, so next time you think of a clown you'll remember a good day with all your friends :)

Clown Phobia
by: Randy

I'm with you. I can't stand clowns. In the 4th grade one got real close to me at a carnival and I started screaming and flailing. I almost really hurt the guy. I don't know why, but I feel like I have to defend myself when I'm around one. But strangley IT is my favorite book ever and I love the movie. Pretty wierd huh.

IT: worst movie of the year.
by: Anonymous

I saw the shower scene of IT when I was little, and now I'm afraid to take showers. I can't take one in an empty house.

I share your fear!!
by: Anonymous

I am EXTREMELY terrified of clowns. If anyone even mentions them I start shaking and sometimes even crying, and even thinking of them or picturing their faces in my mind is horrible, and then when i am scared whenever i close my eyes i picture them (especially the one from stephen kings it...a friend sent me a youtube clip, it made me scream so much)

Sometimes at night I get scared that one will randomly pop out somewhere, or when looking at a black window at night, I get scared that a clowns face will suddenly pop up. When they are smiling it is even more terrifying.

One time at a hallowe'en party, someone was dressed up as a clown, so one of my friends thought it would be funny to get them to chase me, I ran and screamed, and when i got to the corner and had nowhere to go i was just stood there shaking and crying. It was horrible. It's not so much that I think they will hurt me, it's just irrational and the look of them just scares me SO much.

by: Ivey

You are not alone! I'm deathly afraid of clowns...I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting them and trust me you don't want to! They are evil! I run and scream every time I see one...But just know you're not the only one.

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