Afraid of cats

by ieyka

very good day 2 all...actually, i dunno whether wat i'm going 2 share is somekind of phobia or wat...i juz wanna share it with u all, who knows there'll be someone like me...u know, i'm very afraid of cats, especially the small ones...the smaller it be, the fearer i'll be...i'm not afraid bcoz it'll bite, scratch or things like that, but i feel a weird feeling when i c heart beats at the maximum speed and i dunno wat 2 do except 4 locking myself in my room, although knowing that kittens will never do any harm towards me...i won't hesitate to cry, although in front of many people, if someone bugs me with kittens...i dunno...sometimes i feel like i hate cats...when i'm writing this 2 share my abnormal phobia, a cat juz delivered its kitten, n now i'm waiting 4 my cousin 2 come n take it, wherever he likes, as long as they won't important thing 4 u 2 know, i'll never be convinced that cat has nothing 2 be afraid of...ok, dats all...thanx 4 reading this...

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